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Lavitt Group is a trusted business partner for Builders with a complete and comprehensive portfolio of luxury and premium windows and doors for construction.

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Lavitt Group companies have been a trusted source for high-quality fenestration products and services throughout New York, New Jersey, Southeastern Pennsylvania and Connecticut for 77 years. More recently the company has expanded in the Atlanta and Nashville areas of the Southeast and is looking to expand further on a national basis. Lavitt Group Architectural Consultants from any of the affiliate companies can work with you, your architect and your customer to ensure the appropriate window and door products are selected for your project. You can expect extraordinary service from all Lavitt Group affiliate companies before, during and after the sale. This includes take-offs, value engineering, site inspection, installation services and support and shop drawings. Lavitt Group companies have aptitudes in the segments of custom luxury residential home, renovations or multi-family projects.

Lavitt Group companies offer window and door solutions for the “lite-commercial” segment of the market. Projects in this market segment include multi-family buildings, mix-use buildings, historic & landmark buildings and other lite-commercial projects. Lavitt Group companies can provide and install storefront and window wall glass to support lite-commercial projects. Lavitt Group companies can bring lite-commercial expertise to projects that include college dormitories, 10 story apartment buildings, industrial office space, libraries and fire houses.

The renovation and rejuvenation of historic and landmark properties requires a deep level of understanding and experience to navigate the regulatory codes put forth by historic and landmark commissions. Lavitt Group’s 77 year history as a fenestration leader positions the company well to handle these special projects that demand attention to, among other things, fabrication and design.

concept of dream house drawn by designer with construction drawing

The Lavitt Group Partnership

Lavitt Group Corporate includes an Architectural Support Services group. You can rely on this service to complete takeoffs, evaluate plans and uncover any flaws in design or specifications. Architectural Support Services is experienced in performing window and door takeoffs for residential and commercial projects. Additionally, this group can create shop drawings required to prepare for window and door installation.

Architectural Sales Consultants from any of the company’s affiliate companies are constantly in the field and at the jobsites of their customer’s projects – a valuable resource for the builder customer. Lavitt Group companies augment their expertise by involving manufacturing partners in on-site and field training to ensure best practices for handling and installing the company’s portfolio of products.

Architectural Support Services allows for a project to be value engineered without impeding the architectural vision of the customer. Bringing budget in line with the vision should be a subtle seamless and almost unnoticeable process that balances cost with product, aesthetics, hardware, glass, upkeep and overall performance. The Architectural Support group in collaboration with the company’s Architectural Sales Consultant can value engineer the most requiring luxury home project so that all constituencies in the process can have their respective positions optimized.

Lavitt Group and its affiliate companies understand that even modest product failure can be a worst case scenario for its builder customers. The company’s carefully curated domestic and European product portfolio is built from best-in-class manufacturers that meet a high standard of product quality and certifications in wood, aluminum and steel window and door systems.

All Lavitt Group affiliate companies and the Architectural Sales Consultants who are part of those businesses understand the role they play in the choreography between the builder, architect and customer when it comes to luxury and commercial projects involving architecturally spec’d luxury fenestration. The company is committed and capable with solution selling and consulting in high value projects.


Technically correct installation is considered just as important as the look of fenestration products. The functionality of windows and doors plays a vital role in customer satisfaction and product performance. Today’s window and door products have a tendency to be oversized and have high-tech features that require best in class installation practices. Lavitt Group affiliate companies perform installations with skilled factory-trained teams to ensure proper fit and mechanical function in accord with the manufacturer’s specifications. Lavitt Group companies work to ensure “worry free” installations that eliminate call-backs and damage.

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